Sunday, May 20, 2007

ELEC 4707 Engineering Project

The purpose of this blog will be to keep you up to date with the progress of my engineering thesis due to be complete in Semester 2 2007. A brief overview of my thesis topic is given below:

TOPIC: Exploring the IT complementarities among capital inputs in productivity analysis.


The ability of Australian firms to take advantage of improvements can be determined in part by substitutability of IT for other input factors of production. The project aims to build on the recent empirical work to study the output and substitution elasticities using various production functions. The empirical results derived in this study can be used to describe the unique characteristics of IT capital in production (i.e. whether IT is a substitute or complements for other factor inputs). Student undertakes this project is expected to carryout review in the Management Information Systems (MIS) literature specifically in the IT business value area and the economic literature particularly on Economic Theory of Production. Student will also require communicating with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for data collection and developing analytical skills such as Productivity Analysis, Multivariate Regression Analysis. Some programming skills may be required.

My motivation for selecting this topic was my strong interest in the areas of IT, Econometrics and modelling. By undertaking this topic I hope to further develop my analytical and research skills.