Sunday, October 21, 2007

Almost finished...

Since my last post I have met three times with Dr. Poon to discuss the progress of the continued write up of my treatise. As Dr. Poon is leaving on Thursday the 25th of October, I have been working very hard to have my treatise complete by then so I can receive as much feedback and advice on my work to ensure it is of the highest quality. I have all my chapters reviewed bar the chapters covering the data collection methodology, discussion of the results and conclusion. However, in my last two meetings with Dr.Poon this week which was on Monday and Friday we did discuss in depths on the approach I wanted to take on my discussion results. For an overview of the results found please view the post on the 8th of October. I have come up with a very interesting argument and perspective on my results ,which I won't spoil just yet :). I must admit that it was this section of the thesis I enjoyed writing the most because not only did it allow me to display what I had learned through my research of the topics but also fuse in knowledge obtained from both my engineering degree and commerce degree.

I have now completed all sections of thesis bar the data gathering chapter since it was the easiest to complete and have left it till the very end. I should be able to complete the write up of the data construction within the next hour or so. On Monday I will then incorporate any feedback received form Dr. Poon which I have not yet incorporated and fix up minor details such as the aesthetics of the appearance, table of context, abstract etc. I will then meet with Dr. Poon on Tuesday who will overview my thesis in its entirety and double check that I have not excluded any crucial sections. Hopefully, I will only have to make very minimal changes if any. I plan to have the feedback finalised and incorporate into my thesis by Friday so on Saturday I can bind my thesis and concentrate on my presentation.

In my next post I will provide the an outline of the final structure of my thesis including a list of all th references I have used for any interested readers reference.

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