Friday, June 8, 2007

Additional Background Reading and Goals

>Dr. Poon provided me with another reading in preparation for our upcoming meeting. It is:

  • Hitt, L. , 'The Role of Information Technology in Modern Production: Complement or Substitute to Other Inputs?', 2005.

>Further, after much discussion with my fellow peers I have decided to use the LaTeX typesetting system to write my thesis. Over the next few days I plan to configure LaTeX on my home PC and by my next meeting become familiar with common features of LaTeX source. I have chosen LaTeX as I feel it will allow me to focus directly on the content of my work and not waste valuable time on formatting.

Hence in addition to the goals I wish to achieve by my next meeting, the following to goals are also added:

  • Become Familiar with LaTeX source
  • Read the additional paper.

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George said...

LOL you got a Hitt paper!!