Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ABS data gathering and update on progress

Since my last post I have been reviewing the papers i have found and have started to write my literature review. As mentioned in my previous post we have collectively decided with Dr. Poon that we will aim to have this finished by the end of the month. Reviewing my progress so far, I am definitely on track to meet this milestones deadline and may even be able to start the model building earlier than i anticipated.

I also contacted the ABS today with regards to obtaining a quote for the data from the Economic and Activity Survey. The individual which i spoke with was very helpful and within 24 hours an information consultant will contact me to inform me not only how much the data will cost but also the level of detail of the data. I will be writing more about this shortly in my next post.I have also started my detailed engineering plan which is due Friday the 27th of July. Once i have a fairly complete project plan I will post up a screen shot of the GANT chart.

Over the next coming days I will continue to work on my literature review and my presentation next week to my fellow peers where I will be presenting the different techniques where elasticity of substitution and complementarities can be measured.

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