Sunday, July 29, 2007

Project Plan

On Thursday the 26th of July i handed in my project plan for assessment. As mentioned in my previous posts I was going to post up a copy of my plan and a Gant chart. Click on the thumbnails to view the specific details of the project plan and Gant chart.

Project Plan
GANT Chart

Tomorrow I will be meeting with two of Dr. Poon's other treatise students Gary and Nik to collate the data set that I had mentioned in my previous posts. We have all read how the data construction was done in the Parham (2001) paper and it appears to be quite straight forward. In addition to continuing the write up of my literature review and reviewing further papers, I have also spent a significant amount of time become more and more familiar with R. I am also looking into how to write functions in R as I will need to write a function using R code to implement the AES. Over the next coming days I will write more in depth about how I will go about implement AES in R and reviewing some further papers which I have found to be quite interesting.

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