Saturday, July 21, 2007

Update on the ABS Data request

The ABS got in contact with me on Thursday. Unfortunately the news was not the best. The consultant had informed me that the data I was requesting from the Economic and Activity Survey would not be available for purchase. This is because items such as Computer Software Expensed are not collected annually but every four years. As a result the data is not of a quality that can be used to do statistical analysis upon. The consultant did point me however to two surveys that could be of use. They are:
  • 8126.0 - Information and Communication Technology, Australia, 2004-05, for items related to IT and communications.
  • 8155.0 - Australian Industry, 2004-05, for items such as operating income etc.
The data for these items are available for previous and may prove useful for my thesis. I have contacted Dr. Poon about this matter and he has informed me that we will discuss this in our next Meeting on Monday the 23rd of July. Hopefully this problem in obtaining the data that Dr. Poon would have liked me to obtain will not pose a big problem in the continuing progress of my thesis.

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